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Brand : Acer
Category : Laptop Accessories
Acer Laptop Keyboard For 4710 (Black)
Removing Keyboard Guides:
  • Turn off the computer then disconnect the ac adapter & all cables from the computer. Wait, till the inside of the computer cools, before you start the following procedures.
  • Close the computer display & turn the computer over
  • Remove the battery
  • Remove the screws that secure the palm rest, & the screw that secures the keyboard
  • Turn the computer over & open the display. Push at the sides of the palm rest so it bends upwards in the middle a little & lift it away from the computer a little.
  • Push the sides of the palm rest.
  • Move the palm rest carefully away from the computer until you can see where it's connected then detach the connector.
  • Remove the palm rest
  • Carefully lift the keyboard until you can see how it's connected. Hold the keyboard above the computer & then detach the connector. Now the keyboard has been removed.
Installing Keyboard Guides:

  • Reinstall the keyboard by attaching it to the connector.
  • Install the keyboard
  • Reinstall the palm rest by attaching it to the connector
  • Install the palm rest
  • Push the palm rest down & towards the keyboard until it clicks into place
  • Close the computer display & turn the computer over. Reinstall screws for the palm rest & the screw for the keyboard
  • Reinstall the battery.
  • Turn the computer over again. Connect the ac adapter & cables to the computer then turn it on


  • Compatibility: Acer Aspire 5520 4520 4710 5710 5720 5315 5920 series
  • Condition: Brand new OEM laptop keyboard, its 100% compatible.
  • Layout: English (US)
  • Color: Black



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Series :

100% NEW

3 Months