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Samsung Gaming monitor creates a gaming world that’s compellingly real, offering thrills and excitement like no other. It’s vast, fast, curved, with an optimally-proportioned screen aspect ratio. Play the game on it, and you’re in for an ultimate gaming experience. The super ultra-wide aspect ratio expands your field of view beyond standard screen aspect ratios for the winning advantage in almost any game scenario. Spot your enemies faster, make your move earlier, and react to danger sooner — and up your game to a whole new level. With darker blacks, brighter whites, and wider range of rich and saturated hues, High Dynamic Range displays game scenes in stunningly realistic color and detail. And because HDR reproduces every scene exactly as the original, you get to experience all your games exactly as their developers intended.
Using advanced proprietary technology to metal coat Quantum Dots, Samsung’s new metal dot QLED displays produce brighter, clearer and more accurate colors than standard QD screens and ensure colors that remain vibrant and life-like over for years to come. In addition, the metal coat Quantum Dots are cadmium-free, which is harmless to the environment. Equivalent to two 27-inch 16:9 monitors side by side, the super ultra-wide panel provides space to comfortably view documents, webpages, games and more all at once. With no annoying bezel joins and just a single cable to keep things neat and tidy, the double-size single screen is perfect for multitasking in style. The rapid 144Hz screen refresh rate provides flawlessly smooth scene and can be adjustable to 60Hz/120Hz for optimized monitor performance. AMD’s upgraded FreeSync delivers pixel perfect, smooth gaming in any genre, even HDR games. When it comes to screen curvature, Samsung simply gives you more. Its industry-leading 1800R panel is more deeply curved than any comparable screen, giving you a panoramic and immersive viewing experience like no other monitor can. Developed with the Samsung Galaxy Team, finalists at the LOL 2016 World Championship, the factory - calibrated game display modes instantly optimize black gamma levels, contrastratios, sharpness and color value settings for any game genre. More comfortable viewing experience of curved monitor compared to flat screen is validated by clinical test from 3rd party – Harvard medical school, Seoul National University Hospital and TUV Rheinland. With Eye-saver mode minimizing blue light emissions and Flicker Free technology reducing distracting screen flicker, you can view for longer with less eyestrain.

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