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Gobbler Note Counting Machine With Currency Detector - PX5388


The Gobbler PX5388MG Note Counting Machine is one of the top tier note counting machines that you can get for all of your counting needs for businesses of any size or type due to its flexible nature. The product is completely manual and you will be able to get notes counted very quickly and efficiently. The note counting machine allows you to get the perfect count at one go and it is suitable for regular usage thanks to the user friendly set up of the device allowing anyone to be able to operate it without any issues. If you are looking for a high quality note counting machine online then this product can cater to your needs thanks to the wide range of security mechanisms and high quality features on offer.


  • Counts 1000 Per Minute
  • Detects Fake Note
  • Batch Processing
  • UV Sensor, Magnetic Sensor


Power consumption: 220 V AC,50HZ/110V

Counting speed: >1000 pcs per min

Hopper capacity: 300 pcs

Stacker capacity: 200 pcs

Feeding System : Back Loading

Double Note Detection : Yes

Chain Note Detection : Yes

Half Note Detection : Yes

Machine Size : 297*247*167mm

Carton Size : 390*320*530mm(2pcs)

Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty