1. Customer must return the product in its original and proper packaging with company seal, for a refund.
  2. Company will not accept any type of damage or defective, seal broken or wrong product from customers for cancellation or return or refund of products.
  3. Goods once sold cannot be taken back until or unless found defected.
  4. Products can only be returned within seven days of purchase.
  5. All the replacement will be given according to product policies.
  6. If a customer has ordered multiple products, they can initiate a return or refund for any individual product. However, any product being returned needs to be returned in full including all components as well as any complimentary gifts or products which came along with it.
  7. Products are submitted for exchange or replacement will be delivered to the customer within fifteen days. Delivery time could be extended depending on the amount of damaged good.
  8. Company will refund the amount after deducting the charges if applicable.
  9. Company will refund within 3 to 5 working days from application date if it requires to refund.
  10. In case of a return or refund of a product, company processes the refund once the products have been received and verified at our warehouse.