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Build your custom PC with our online PC Builder tool.

Building a Custom PC is an option to customize your personal computer as per your choice by selecting all the parts that are required to build a PC like a processor, Motherboard, Cabinet, RAM, SSD/HDD, Keyboards, Mouse, etc.

Building your own PC may seem overwhelming at first, but with our PC Builder tool, it becomes a breeze. To begin, simply visit our PC Builder page and click on the “Select Processor” button, You need to choose it keeping in mind the primary purpose of your PC, whether it’s Gaming, Office Work, or General Use.

This selection will help the PC Builder page recommend components compatible with your PC in all the next steps while building your PC.

This PC Builder page will show only compatible products at each step with the item you selected in the previous step.

Selecting a Processor (CPU)

Your CPU is the brain of your computer, responsible for executing instructions and running all your applications. In the PC Builder tool, you will find a range of CPUs of the latest generations and models from Intel and AMD. It’s essential to compare various options based on their features, performance, and price. This will enable you to select a CPU that suits your requirements while staying within your budget. Once you’ve made your decision, simply click on the CPU you desire, and you’re ready to proceed to the next step!

Selecting a Motherboard

The motherboard is the foundation upon which all other components of your PC are built. It determines your PC’s capabilities in terms of expansion slots, RAM capacity, and connectivity options. The PC Builder tool ensures that only compatible motherboards are displayed based on your CPU selection. Take your time to evaluate the available options, considering factors like form factor (ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX), number of slots, and USB ports. Once you’ve found the perfect match, click on your preferred motherboard to move forward.

Selecting a PC Cabinet

At this step, you will see PC cabinets that are compatible with the size of your selected motherboard.

Also, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to think about the size of the cabinet. Make sure it will fit all of your components and allow for proper ventilation. Additionally, consider the number and type of ports and connectors you need, as well as any specific features you may require, such as dust filters or cable management options. It’s also worth looking into the material and build quality of the cabinet, as this will impact its durability and overall performance. Finally, don’t forget to take your personal style and preferences into account – after all, you’ll be seeing your PC cabinet every day, so it’s important that you like the way it looks. By considering these factors, you can find the perfect PC cabinet to meet your needs and create a stylish and functional setup.

Selecting Memory (RAM)

RAM, or random-access memory, is essential for multitasking and running memory-intensive applications. Based on your previous selections, the PC Builder tool will present a list of compatible RAM options. The amount of RAM you need depends on your intended usage, but generally, 8-16GB will suffice for most users. Compare available RAM modules, considering factors like speed, compatibility, and brand reputation. Once you’ve made your choice, you’re one step closer to completing your ultimate Custom PC!

Selecting Storage Options (HDD - SSD)

When it comes to building a custom PC, selecting storage options can be an exciting but daunting task.

Two popular choices are Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD).

HDDs are traditional storage devices that use spinning disks to store and retrieve data, while SSDs rely on flash memory chips. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s crucial to make an informed decision.

HDDs offer higher storage capacities and are more cost-effective, making them an excellent choice for users who prioritize space and budget.

On the other hand, SSDs provide faster data transfer speeds, shorter boot-up times, and improved overall system performance.

However, SSDs generally come with a higher price tag and smaller storage capacities compared to HDDs. Assessing your needs and preferences, such as the importance of speed, budget, and storage space, will guide you in selecting the right storage option for your custom PC.

Power Supply (PSU) and Cooling

A reliable power supply unit (PSU) and efficient cooling system are vital to maintaining the stability and longevity of your PC. The PC Builder tool will recommend a power supply based on your selections, ensuring it meets your power requirements and provides room for future upgrades.

Consider factors like wattage, efficiency ratings, and reliability when choosing a PSU.

Additionally, optimal cooling is crucial to prevent your PC from overheating during intense gaming sessions. You can choose between air cooling systems, such as fans, or liquid cooling solutions. Select the option that suits your needs and helps maintain optimal temperatures for your components.

Picking a Graphics Card (GPU)

A powerful graphics card is vital for ensuring smooth gameplay and visually stunning graphics. In the PC Builder page, you’ll find a wide range of GPUs recommended based on your previous selections. To select the right GPU, consider your gaming requirements, video editing needs, and budget constraints. Compare different options based on factors like performance benchmarks, memory capacity, and cooling features. Pick the GPU that best meets your criteria, and get ready for stunning graphics and seamless gaming experiences!

Other PC Peripherals and Accessories

In the next steps, you have the option to choose a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories, you can select them as per your requirements.

Before finalizing your PC build, it’s important to review your component choices to ensure compatibility and satisfaction. The PC Builder page will display all your selected components, along with any additional peripherals you may require, such as a monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

Once you’re confident in your selection, click on the “Add to Cart” button to securely purchase the components hassle-free. With just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to fulfilling your gaming dreams with a custom-built PC specifically tailored to your needs!

Benefits of Building Custom PC

Cost Efficient – Custom PC building is an option for building a PC by selecting the PC parts of your choice, which gives you the option to choose and add only the pc parts you need, which makes your PC building cost-effective.

Freedom of Choosing Peripheral – By using this PC builder page you are able to choose each PC part from a wide range of available products which gives you the option to choose PC parts according to your budget and from your favorite brand.

Easier to Upgrade – Build PC gives you the option to choose all PC parts based on your preferences and needs, so you can choose PC parts keeping in mind that you can use them for future upgrades, Which makes it easier for you to upgrade your computer in the future.

Superior Cooling System – Custom PC builder gives you the freedom to choose PC parts of your choice and needs, So if you are building a PC for gaming or heavy tasks, many people think about PC cooling systems. Using the Build PC page you can choose the PC cabinet and cooling system that best complements your PC cooling system.

Comes with Better Warranty – Another great advantage of building a custom PC is that you will get a warranty on every PC part used to assemble your PC, if available by the manufacturer.

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